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Hearts + Family Trees

Nurturing life through cycles of life

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I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, all that you’re yet to be. ~ Ernest Hemingway

Did you know that hearts grow on family trees?

Well, figuratively speaking of course.

My son walks around as my heart outside my body as the parenting whimsy goes.

Baby at Sea (c) Dena Michele Rosko
Sidewalk Chalk (c) Dena Michele Rosko
Baby at Lavender Farm (c) Dena Michele Rosko
Baby Hand on Great Grandmother Bible

Of course, it takes a community and shared vision for heritage to grow and nurture family trees through the years.


Thankfully, the matriarchs in my family live and lived this well with some help from the patriarchs in their life.

Grandmother Birthday at Rehabilitation Center (c) Dena Michele Rosko
Grandmothers Visit (c) Dena Michele Rosko
Holding Hands (c) Dena Michele Rosko
Grandmother Greeting (c) Dena Michele Rosko

Dogwood Group specializes in supporting heritage development through a suite of services.

Why? Because it takes a community to grow our family trees beyond one or two individuals tending to "bookend generations," or the children and elders in our lives.

Dogwood Group can help you share or craft sense of the story of your family tree. Dogwood Group provides coaching, consulting, creative, and development services to individuals and organizations busy caring for the people, whether clients, patients, congregations, or family, in their lives. Life happens in-between those bookend generations.

Everything excellent is as difficult as it is rare. ~ Baruch Spinoza, Ethics

Love Sign with Flowers (c) Dena Michele Rosko

Learn how Dogwood Group can support the integration of heritage in your family, organization, or work culture. Subscribe or contact us today!

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