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Welcome to Dogwood Group!

Introducing a suite of services for heritage development

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Welcome to Dogwood Group! Dogwood Group develops, integrates, and supports heritage through a suite of coaching, consulting, and creative services.

Dr. Dena Michele Rosko, Principal, Dogwood Group

Dr. Dena Michele Rosko, Principal, introduced Dogwood Group after she had her son. Dr. Rosko supports heritage as a framework to offer coaching and consulting services for integrative health, ministry, and organizations. caregiving for "bookend generations" of elder and childcare in-between years of research, writing, and creative projects. She became passionate and wrote extensively about heritage after she had her son.

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Dogwood Group offers an array of opportunities for individuals, organizations, and partnerships to thrive and engage their communities with a culture of heritage. Dogwood Group's suite of services includes coaching, consulting, creative, development, and heritage combinations of more than one service. These services intend to support people to navigate structures with a strategy and insight that passes them safely through the struggle to shine in-between the transitions that tug and pull at our individual and organizational lives.

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Please visit our services, subscribe to us, and contact us for a free consultation about how Dogwood Group can empower you or your organization to flourish with head, heart, and hands ready to engage the next chapter. Please check back for events, media, and publications about Dogwood Group. Thank you for coming by!


Dr. Dena Michele Rosko, Principal