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    A Suite of Services to Support Systems of Heritage

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    Dogwood Group specializes in heritage development for people and organizations

    About Dogwood Group

    Specializing in developing heritage with you for your future

    Dogwood Group specializes in organizational anthropology, integrating heritage with organizational culture, wellness, and strategy, and visioning storywork approaches through coaching, consulting, creative, development, and heritage services for people and organizations.


    Dr. Dena Michele Rosko, Principal, named the Dogwood Group after the dogwood tree that her mother gifted her after the birth of her son.


    The symbolism of dogwood trees relates to planting "family trees." The symbolism of durability, strength, and affection through difficulties, plus the rebirth of life at Easter and Spring, resonates with the rootedness and growth needed through seasons in life.


    Growing from inspiration to a life of heritage

    Cultures and faith often symbolize trees for sacrifice, new life, and family. In Christianity, the future vision of heritage and faith come to fruition with the metaphor of the kingdom of heaven as a tree that starts out small, and grows to benefit all creatures, people, and nations.


    Dogwood Group grew from this inspiration to support people and organizations with integrating heritage into our lives and work. Dogwood Group aspires to #HeritageForAll.


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  • Develop Heritage in your Organization

    Join us for these amazing benefits.


    For individuals


    per person

    One heritage session

    Devotional e-book

    Prayer e-book

    Email support



    For groups


    per person

    One heritage session

    Devotional e-book

    Prayer e-book

    Five heritage circle groups


    For organizations or congregations


    per person

    One leader session

    Devotional e-book

    Prayer e-book

    Dialogue retreat

  • Services

    Build on a shared vision for heritage. Every person and generation matters.


    Coaching for integrating vocation and family with your daily life.


    Consulting for leaders, community, ministry, cultural, and health organizations for integrating strategy with heritage.


    Write and share stories and imagery about heritage.


    Combine two or more services to boost your investment and outlook.


    Develop a culture of heritage in your organization or home.

  • How it Works

    Dogwood Group develops heritage with people and organizations by a suite of coaching, consulting, and creative services.



    Clarify coaching, consulting, development, creative, or heritage services for you or your organization.



    Schedule timeline and book services for your investment.



    Collaborate with your coach or consultant for your project or conversation.



    Align and integrate what you learn with your organization.

  • Blog

    Events, Media, and Heritage

    July 28, 2020 · dogwood group,media,advocacy,creative,neighborly
    Dogwood Group is proud, humbled, + grateful to partner with 4 The Kingdom Entertainment + MD Simmons Productions to support the human rights and social justice advocacy anthem called, "Enough is Enough." This global digital media project brought dozens of creatives together remotely due to...
    June 19, 2020 · ministry,heritage,integration,advocacy,neighborly
    Dogwood Group is working at the local level to advocate for structural reform and neighborliness to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Please stay tuned for updates, announcements, and invitations on upcoming engagements and publications. In the meantime, please consider the following...
    May 9, 2020 · heritage,development,creative,life cycle,peripartum
    Did you know that hearts grow on family trees? Well, figuratively speaking of course. My son walks around as my heart outside my body as the parenting whimsy goes. Of course, it takes a community and shared vision for heritage to grow and nurture family trees through the years.   Thankfully...
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  • "I like to encourage people to share a vision for heritage."

    ~ Dr. Dena Michele Rosko, Principal at Dogwood Group

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